Intro to Boxing

30 minutes. This orientation to the basics of boxing prepares you for your first hour-long boxing workout. Learn proper stance and how to punch, block, slip and move around the ring. This mini class is recommended prior to taking a traditional Boxing class.

Boxing for biginners

Hit the bags hard with this intense boxing workout that mixes heavy bag training with core conditioning, shadowboxing, and footwork to boost strength, coordination, and endurance. Carrying a big towel is mandatory; this is a calorie torcher.

Traditional Boxing Drills

Drills on the heavy bags, and in the ring. Lots of footwork, slipping, shadowboxing and hitting the pads. As much as you make workout you will be more strong and capable, Practice makes men perfect, Be prepared to train like Ali and feel like Tyson.



Get barefoot for the slow burn of this ballet-inspired workout. Combining elements of dance, yoga, Pilates and core conditioning, this class will lengthen and tone your core, arms, legs and derriere..

Conditioning Bootcamp

Increase balance, strength, and flexibility through a series of exercises using weights, medicine balls, ropes and pull-up bars, as well as your own body weight.


Crossfit meets boxing in this ever-changing combination of cardio, conditioning and strength moves using heavy bags, weights, ropes, and more. No muscle groups will go unchallenged in this super sweat machine..

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